Wheelchair seat cushions

Our gel on the FormAlign® F-Series seating cushions offer people the ability to sit longer without discomfort. The innovative gel and gel/foam layers effectively manage pressure with enhanced immersion qualities. Blood flow is therefore increased and peak pressure points are minimised because the gel columns share the pressure load from bony prominence. This in turn, increases the compression “footprint” and inherently decreases pressure. Along with the shear reducing design, it helps to maintain a good posture whilst taking care of the skin. This stimulates wound healing and reduces the risk of pain-related problems and skin breakdown.

Selecting the correct cushion requires consideration of mobility, postural stability and the need to prevent or treat pressure ulcers. We’ve eliminated the need for guesswork— no intrusive calibration procedures are required. This saves valuable time in the care giving process and giving both patients and caregivers increased peace of mind, as well as a more consistent and dignified experience when a new cushion is issued.

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