2 Point pelvic belt

2 Point pelvic belt

For specific pelvic positions including rotation and pelvic obliquities

The FormAlign® 2-point pelvic belt has been designed with ultimate comfort in mind. The soft neoprene padded areas provide positive support and spreads the load pressures through a large surface, which in turn creates comfort. With a range of adjustment options, such as centre pull and dual pull mechs, they provide a solution for each user’s needs such as positioning for specific pelvic positions including rotation and pelvic obliquities.

Features and benefits:

  • 2-point support
  • Range of sizes including adult and paediatric
  • Available with centre pull and dual pull options
  • Heavy duty buckle options
  • Anti-tamper buckle optional
  • Neoprene padded areas for maximum comfort
  • Machine washable
  • Will fit to most seating systems
  • Paediatric sizes available
  • In stock
Option Size (cm) Product Code
Dual Pull Adjustment Extra Small FG6005XS
Small FG6005S
Medium FG6005M
Large FG6005L
Centre Pull Adjustment Extra Small FG6063XS
Small FG6063S
Medium FG6063M
Large FG6063L
Anti-tamper Buckle Small FG6034S
Medium FG6034M
Large FG6034L

Anti-tamper Buckle

The Anti-tamper Buckle option allows for a safety measure to be put into place where the occupant can release the buckle but is unable to weight bear on potentially exiting the chair. This is a tool that can be used to prevent falls and allows some peace of mind to care givers. This is available on both the 2pt and 4pt belts. This is also available in paediatric sizes.

  • Belts & Harnesses
  • Can be recycled & reissued
  • Designed to meet asymmetric postures
  • Hygiene range
  • Next day delivery available
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