B.A.C Positioning System

Off-the-shelf accurate & instant shaping from simple to more complex asymmetrical postures

B.A.C Positioning System

The Backrest Advance Contour system is an off the shelf solution to meet, accommodate and correct mild asymmetric postures within wheelchair seating.

The BAC System is designed to work with the Dreamline Support backrest and can work in conjunction with the thoracic support accessories

Designed to work with wheelchair services where the product can be adjusted to suit changing needs at zero cost and can be re-issued to save costs

  • Can be recycled & reissued
  • Compatible with the Dreamline Support backrest
  • Designed to meet asymmetric postures
  • Next day delivery available
  • Wheelchair backrests

Accommodating mild asymmetrical back profiles is often challenging.

Products that do not offer adjustment to meet these shapes, often introduce risks, instability and lack of mobility for the user. The BAC positioning system has been launched to help to solve these challenges, simply, with its integral adjustment sections which means mild spinal and rib cage asymmetries can be accommodated easily.

The BAC product is available in a range of sizes and is designed to fit inside the Dreamline Support backrest. It can be added when the user requires it as needs change and develop.

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