Dynamic Backrest Kit

Dynamic Backrest Kit

New product alert!

the dynamic backrest has landed at Formalign

Do you need to start again?

With FormAlign seating you don’t need to start again! It is designed to be added to as clinical needs present and change. The component design allows the seating to be built to meet the user’s specific needs.

And so, we have more tools for you – the prescriber!…..

The new Dynamic Bracket Kit is now available for wheelchair backrests - following a highly successful launch at the PMG July conference. This simple kit retro-fits - so if you have a backrest in stock and are looking to re-issue equipment or purchasing new, you can simply add the Dynamic Bracket kit, only when you need it.

Why the Dynamic Bracket?

  • No modification to the wheelchair frame
  • Uses the same, well proven hardware
  • Adjustable resistance pads
  • Retro-fits to existing backrest shells
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Fast delivery
Dynamic Backrest Wheel Chair

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