F5+ with Gel Cushion

Range of quality machine washable postural harnesses.

F5+ with Gel Cushion

The combined solution of postural control and gel layer works to encourage an effective posture along with a high pressure care solution. The deep thigh and hip guides being integral allow for increased postural alignment. The wipeable cover and 4-way stretch means it is practical for use in many applications.

Features & benefits:

  • Paediatric and adult sizes available
  • Size: 17 x 17 x 4”
  • Plus size options available

Bubble Foam Technology

Pressure Map Study

Independently tested at a rehabilitation institution,
the FormAlign®cushion displayed far better
pressure distribution than traditional contoured
pressure relieving foam cushions. It exhibited
minimal variance when alternating the pelvic tilt
angle between posterior and anterior. The cushion
mapped more comparable to an air cushion than
its foam counterparts.

FormAlign® Cushion

“Other” Pressure Relieving Foam Contoured Cushion

Shear Protection

The FormAlign®cushion’s
“bubble contouring” curved
top surface gently restricts the
forward tilt of the pelvis, which naturally
reduces the risk of shear pressure
regardless of the sitting position.

Improved Circulation

The mild forward curvature
of the cushion relieves
constriction to blood vessels
behind the knee helping to improve
circulation to the lower limbs.

Positioning For Asymmetrical Postures

The detachable pads shown below are used for accommodating or correcting asymmetrical postures. The pads
may be layered according to the degree of the asymmetry and can be accurately positioned anywhere on the
base of the cushion. You can cut these to shape with a sharp knife or scissors.


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