FormAlign® F4 Cushion

FormAlign® F4 Cushion

Offers a high-level of pressure care

The replacement F4 seat cushion offers a high-level of pressure care for wheelchair and static day care seating options. With the clever integral shear-reducing design, the F4 is a “go-to” product when it comes to simply maintaining a good posture whilst ensuring good quality pressure relief.

The innovative gel and gel/foam layers effectively manage pressure with enhanced immersion qualities. Blood flow is increased, and peak pressure points are minimized because the gel columns share the pressure load from bony prominences, which increases the “footprint” and in turn decreases pressure. This stimulates wound healing and reduces the risk of pain-related problems and skin breakdown. The solution offers users the ability to sit longer without discomfort. Selecting the correct cushion requires consideration of mobility, postural stability and the need to prevent or treat pressure ulcers.

Features and benefits:

  • Gel layers and covers that can easily be disinfected and even machine-washed
  • Proven pressure redistribution to prevent skin breakdown and heal existing pressure ulcers
  • Worry-free comfort—no risk of punctures, flattening, failing or inflation issues
  • Effective temperature control design
  • No risk of the migration, leaking or oozing hazards posed by air- or fluid-filled products
  • Gel’s vibration dampening qualities absorb vibration, reducing associated fatigue.
Seat Width (") Seat Depth (") Product Code
16 16 FG9051
16 18 FG9052
16 20 FG9053
18 18 FG9054
18 20 FG9055
20 20 FG9056

  • Next day delivery available
  • Pressure relief
  • Wheelchair seat cushions
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