Dreamline Seat pan

Quick release seat pan for folding chassis' and custom seating applications

Dreamline Seat pan

The width adjustable seat pan has been designed to be easily removed when a folding wheelchair chassis is required but modular seating is essential.

Can be used for custom seating applications

Quick release and crash tested for transport approval

  • Can be recycled & reissued
  • Compatible with third party backrests
  • Designed to meet asymmetric postures
  • Fully crash tested
  • Headrests & Thoracic support
  • Next day delivery available
  • Wheelchair seat cushions

Transport safety approved to WC20 & ISO16840-4 standards for forward facing transportation in a motor vehicle.

Our Dreamline quick release seat pan is a great solution for use on folding mobility chassis’ where modular seating is required but there is not space at home for a rigid chassis.  The seating system can be mounted onto the seat pan and removed easily for storage by parents and carers.

For custom seating systems, the Dreamline seat pan can also be used to mount custom seats to and still have the quick release option.

Sizes available from 8″ wide to 20″ wide

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