Dreamline thoracic supports

Fixed and swing away lateral support options for increased stability and posture control

Dreamline thoracic supports

The range of Dreamline thoracic support lateral options meet a broad spectrum of postural needs.  The cost effective fixed lateral product products core support, whilst the swing away products are used to meet mild asymmetries and offer corrective support too. 

The range of pad sizes and shape options give therapists the tools they need to meet the service users' needs quickly and professionally. 

  • Can be recycled & reissued
  • Compatible with the Dreamline Support backrest
  • Designed to meet asymmetric postures
  • Headrests & Thoracic support
  • Integral positioning system for asymmetrical postures
  • Next day delivery available
  • Unique integrated
  • Wheelchair backrests

With so much adjustment, our lateral support products work well to provide core trunk control but offer a broad scope of adjustment.  Our swing away brackets are designed such that we negate the need for additional  “Z” brackets which makes ordering and specifying easier.

We also offer non-swing away lateral brackets which offer height and trunk-width adjustment but also offer a more cost effective option.

Our range of lateral pads can be purchased separately to empower the prescriber to decide which pad works for each specific case.

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